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Do you require painting services? Whether you need help with your exterior or interior paint, you can count on A&B Painting, Stucco & Home Restoration for the highest quality in painting services.

Serving Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas, A&B Painting Stucco & Home Restoration has the experience and expertise you need on your side. At A&B Painting Stucco & Home Restoration, we specialize in the application of nano technology, lotus effect paints. These revolutionary paints repel water in a similar way to the lotus plant. What's more is that these paints also mimic the self-cleaning properties of the plant, which causes dirt and dust particles to be washed away with water droplets. These paints come with a 25-year warranty and are also rated by the U.S. Green Building Control.

Residential and Commercial Painters that can maximize your budget

Discuss your painting goals with us an we'll work with you to create a plan to achieve the look you're going for. Choose from a variety of colors that will highlight the beauty of your home and match your style. We'll also provide an estimate before beginning to ensure that the services will fit within your budget.

Our Painting Process

Before beginning, we'll be sure to repair any minor nicks or holes in your walls. Then, we'll apply the paint of your choice using expert techniques and procedures. All of our paint jobs are carefully planned to avoid any mixing of colors or dripping of ceiling or trim paints onto freshly finished walls. Our teams of professional painters use the proper tools and techniques to obtain stunning results.

Professional Painters Quality Service

Not only are our teams skilled and our paint products revolutionary, we also value customer service. You can count on our teams to arrive on time, work hard and finish the job on schedule. We'll also take care to keep your property clean and organized while working.